Swap and Farm


The Swap function is a basic function of DEX and it is no exception for ArthSwap. As of October 2022, users can exchange assets with any of the followings: xcDOT, ASTR, ETH, USDT, ceUSDT, ceUSDC, BUSD, DAI, ETH, BAI, BTC, BNB, MATIC, JPYC, and much more.
Important note: The assets starting with ce are bridged assets from cBridge.
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    Visit Preferably use web browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, Brave Browser) where you must install MetaMask wallet as a browser extension.
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    Please make sure to unlock the MetaMask wallet. If your MetaMask wallet is disconnected from our site, switch to Astar Network first and then click the Connect button. Astar Public RPC can be checked here.
3. Everything’s set to start swapping. Choose a token that you want to swap to and select the amount and simply Swap.


Liquidity providing is a function allowing you to pair two tokens together and provide liquidity. In CEX(Centralized Exchange), market-making is done by the operator, and liquidity is maintained to match the buyer and seller.
However, Arthswap is a DEX(Decentralized Application) and users can do things more than CEX e.g. yield farming, which brings virtual currencies into the pool and maintains liquidity to earn passive income. As a reward for providing liquidity and staking LP on ArthSwap, $ARSW will be distributed as a reward.
Farming on ArthSwap has an advantage in the high APY. The process to do it is pretty easy with an accessible UI.
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    Visit Pool then simply click Add Liquidity. Choose a pair of tokens that already exist on ArthSwap.
WARNING: ArthSwap does not support creating your own customized liquidity pools. Please only provide liquidity to the pools that already exist on ArthSwap.
2. After selecting the token pair, select the amount you would like to provide liquidity, both sides must be 50-50 in value(e.g. $50 USDC/ $50 USDT). Then click Supply.
UPDATE: The harvest function has been implemented on ArthSwap application since 23rd, May 2022. Users will have to stake their LP tokens in order to receive farming rewards. Please see this article for more detailed instructions on how to stake your LP tokens and receive the farming reward.
3. You can view ARSW reward earned on the Farm page. Plus, all pools' details can be checked on this page as well.
Happy Farming! 👨‍🌾 🧑‍🌾🥕