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Swapping feature is a basic feature for any DEXes and it is no exception for ArthSwap. As of June 2022, users can swap between any of the following assets: DOT, wASTR, wSDN, wBTC, wETH, USDT, USDC, BUSD, DAI, WETH, BAI, LAY, KGL, MUUU, OUSD, WBTC, BNB, MATIC, JPYC, ORU and NIKA.
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    Go to . Preferably use web browsers such as Google Chrome where you have installed MetaMask wallet as your Google extension so you have easy access to your MetaMask wallet.
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    Be sure to unlock your MetaMask wallet first. Enter your MetaMask wallet password and unlock your wallet. If your MetaMask wallet is disconnected, please be sure to switch to Astar Network first and then click the Connect button and don’t forget to allow ArthSwap to add a network to your MetaMask wallet.
3. Now you’re all set to swap your assets. Choose the token that you want to swap and select the amount and simply click on Swap.

Liquidity Mining is where you pair your currency holdings and provide liquidity for the pair. In CEXes, market making is done by the operator and liquidity is maintained. However, Arthswap is a DEX and holders can do yield farming, which brings virtual currencies into the pool and maintains liquidity. As a reward for providing liquidity on ArthSwap, users are given the token of $ARSW as a reward.
Farming on ArthSwap is always a nice choice given the high APY of the pools. The process of it is simple, thanks to its simple UI.
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    Simply click on Add Liquidity and then choose a pair of tokens whose pool already exists on ArthSwap. Please note that ArthSwap DO NOT support creating your own customized liquidity pools. Please only provide liquidity to the pools that already exist on ArthSwap.
2. After selecting the token pair, select the amount as well. Then click on Supply.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please know that Harvest function is implemented on ArthSwap app since May 23, 2022. Users will now have to stake their ARSW-LP tokens in order to receive mining rewards. Please see this article for detailed instructions on how to stake your LP tokens and receive farming reward.
3. You will now be able to view your reward ARSW earned on the Farm page where you can also see all the pools on ArthSwap and their detailed pool information.
Happy Farming!
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