ARSW tokenomics was designed with the concept of increasing the value of ARSW. An increase of ARSW value, as well as an expansion of ARSW utilities, will directly benefit our users with higher reward gain. ArthSwap is also committed to the expansion of the Astar Network ecosystem.

Token Information

  • Name: ArthSwap Token

  • Ticker: $ARSW

Token Distribution

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

  • Months to Emit : 24 months

  • Liquidity Mining and Airdrop: 35%

  • Community Growth: 15%

  • Early Contributor: 10%

  • Dev Team: 20%

  • Potential Investors: 20%

Protocol Revenues

  • ArthSwap collects 0.3% Fee of all trades which will be distributed to:0.25% to LP

    • 0.05% to eARSW staking pool

    • 0.25% to Liquidity Providers

More information regarding ARSW token circulation can be found in this spredsheet.

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