1. What is ArthSwap
ArthSwap is a One-Stop Defi on Astar Network. Our mission is to contribute to the Astar Network ecosystem's expansion. With simple UI and a design for high APY, it enables High-Frequency Trade on Astar Network. We focus on growth in the Astar Network ecosystem. We are willing to optimize all the elements for Astar, so we consider ourselves as an "Astar-native" dApp.
2. What are ARSW tokenomics
Total supply: 1,000,000,000
Months to emit: 24months
Liquidity Mining and Airdrop: 35%
Community Growth: 15%
Early Contributor: 10%
Dev Team: 20%
Potential Investors: 20%
3. Why can't I connect to the Astar network on MetaMask now?
There is a chance you accidentally connect to the old RPC; please use this new one.
4. Can I use Ledger Nano
Yes, you can. Download the Ethereum app, and enable Blind Signing. However, the team does not recommend this as there could be unseen issues.
5. I am having trouble completing my transaction; what should I do
For those who are having trouble completing their transactions, if you are experiencing the problem of not being able to finish your Approve, please try the following
Open the metamask and look at the activity. You will see that the Approve transaction is still in an incomplete state. Try deleting the transaction history in Metamask Settings -> Advanced -> Reset Account.
After deleting it, try swapping again, and the transaction may go through.
If it still doesn't work, try another device (another computer or phone) with a different browser that can use Metamask. There are many possible causes for transaction blockages, and the most common ones are blockchain and RPC congestion. However, they can also be caused by your communication environment and terminal conditions. It is best not to skip the same transaction multiple times. If you are buying tokens and the transaction does not go through, you may end up buying more than one token.
6. Is Arthswap audited
Yes, ArthSwap is audited by Quantstamp, the same auditor as Astar network.
7. When and how is mining reward distributed
Now you can harvest your mining rewards on ArthSwap any time you want. To mine on ArthSwap, all you need to do is providing liquidity and staking your LP tokens.
8. Where I can buy $ARSW token
$ARSW token now has been listed on, MEXC and ArthSwap. We will announce it when it get listed on other CEXs or DEXes. *Please be aware that $ARSW is only on Astar Network. The “$ARSW” tokens listed on other Chains are fake. The only DEX you can swap your assets to $ARSW tokens at this moment is ArthSwap.
9. What is Fee staking
Fee staking is a functionality that allows users to stake their $ARSW tokens and get partial transaction fees as rewards. The protocol charge a 0.3% fee for each transaction, of which 0.25% will be distributed as mining rewards to the liquidity providers and 0.05% will be vested to the fee stakers.
10. What is ArthShot
ArthShot is ArthSwap’s own acceleration program - it provides support to other start-up projects on Astar Network from marketing, financing, community management side and so on. ArthSwap is the No.1 DEX on polkadot and it is the centre of the Astar Network or even on a bigger scope. We are having our own acceleration program to benefit the entire ecosystem as well as our investors and users. In the future you will see ARSW to be utilized in so many other ways and with so many other projects. ArthShot is just one of our plans to increase the value of ARSW token.
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