How to Transfer ASTR from an Exchange to ArthSwap
$ASTR, the native token of Astar Network, is currently listed on tier 1 exchanges. One of the FAQs from our community is how to transfer $ASTR from exchanges to ArthSwap. This tutorial shows how to send $ASTR from Binance to MetaMask via Polkadot.js.
  1. 1.
    Go to Binance and log in to your account. Click on Fiat and Spot.
2. Find $ASTR and click on Withdraw.
3. Now go to Astar Network portal and connect your polkadot.js extension. If you haven't installed Polkadot.js, please do install from here.
Once you connect to the Astar portal, you will be able to see your address and amount. Make sure to copy your Native address. This is your address that you should use when you withdraw $ASTR from exchanges such as Binance.
4. Copy this address and go back to Binance. Paste the address where it says Withdraw to -> Address, select your withdrawn amount and go ahead to click on Withdraw.
You might need to go through a Verification Procces for the withdrawal request to be submitted. It should take few minutes for the withdraw to be completed.
5. Now go back to Astar Network, make sure to connect with polkadot.js and click Transfer. Paste your Metamask address on the Destination Address. Enter the amount of $ASTR you want to send. Click confirm. Done. You now have $ASTR in your MetaMask wallet.
6. Now go to ArthSwap: . Click on Connect on the top right corner of the page.
7. Click on Add Liquidity and then choose the pair you want to provide liquidity to and enter the amount. Now you're mining on ArthSwap. In addition to mining, you can also swap, participate in IDO events, etc.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please know that Harvest function is implemented on ArthSwap app since May 23, 2022. Users will now have to stake their ARSW-LP tokens in order to receive mining rewards. Please see this article for detailed instructions on how to stake your LP tokens and receive farming reward.
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