Before June 28, 2022, $ARSW has remained unlisted, untradable and untransferable. From the very start of the project, ArthSwap conducted a poll from the community and together we decided the $ARSW price should be $0.175. On June 28, 2022, $ARSW was listed on gate.io with a listing price of $0.25. Before that, however, the estimated ARPs on ArthSwap have been calculated based on this estimated ARSW price, $0.175, with the exception of a period of time when the estimated APRs were calculated based on the estimated $ARSW price of $0.5.

The calculation method of APRs of liquidity pools on ArthSwap, before Feb 28, 2022, is as follows:

Before Feb 28, 2022

  • Estimated APR = LP Fee + Staking Fee + Liquidity Mining

  • (Not Estimation) LP Fee = (Last 24h Volume * 0.25% * 365day) / pairs Liquidity

  • (Estimation) Staking Fee = (Last 24h Volume * 0.05% * 365day) / Supply ARSW token * token price

  • (Estimation) Liquidity Mining = Monthly Emission(LM) *12 * token price * pairs Liquidty* Multiplier / {SUM(each Liquidity * each Multiplier)} /

  • Bolded are Variables

From Mar 1st

The APRs were originally designed to fluctuate with the fluctuation of the liquidity amount in our pools (as shown above). Effective 28th, February 28, 2022, the calculation method was redesigned so that the APRs are set out to be independent of the change of the pool liquidity. Liquidity Farmers can rest assured knowing that the APRs will be more stable. The newly adopted calculation method for estimated APR is as follows:

  • Estimated APR =(Estimation) Liquidity Mining APR = Monthly Emission(LM) *12 * token price * Multiplier / SUM(each Multiplier) / pairs Liquidity

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