ArthSwap’s roadmap is as follows. ArthSwap's mission has always been to expand the Astar ecosystem as an all-in-1 DEX. To achieve this goal, we will continue to develop features and facilitate collaborations with various projects.

  • Smart Contract are cloned by PancakeSwap v2
  • The frontend is created from scratch

Same as Pancake Swap v2
  • Swap
  • Liquidity Providing
  • Liquidity Mining
  • Staking

  • Smart Contract are cloned by PancakeSwap v2
  • The frontend is created from scratch
  • Swap
  • Liquidity Providing
  • Liquidity Mining
  • Fee Staking
  • $ARSW Listing
  • Lending

  • The IDO Launchpad was launched on April 16 and the listings on this launchpad will focus on projects with whom we have entered into partnerships.
  • $ARSW was the first project token listed on IDO Launchpad.
  • ArthShot is ArthSwap's very own incubation program that enables projects to receive the support of highly specialized crypto quant and marketers. ArthSwap team will provide a total package of support from marketing, community management, etc.

In ArthShot-Lock, simply locking your $ARSW entitles you to purchase tokens of the protocols participating in ArthShot before the IDO.

Through ArthShot-Airdrop, by locking your ARSW holdings you will receive tokens from the protocols participating in ArthShot as dividends.

Like DFK, Gamefi has synergies with the Defi project and is a very powerful way to expand the ecosystem, and ArthSwap's multiple partnerships with Gamefi projects are mutually beneficial. GameFi projects to be incubated by ArthSwap through ArthShot is another great way for the ecosystem expansion.

Provide liquidity with the native tokens of projects incubated by ArthShot and $ARSW tokens, users will receive both tokens as additional rewards.

We are also getting ready for possible future collaborations with various world-renowned IP projects. Those projects will join Arthshot and whose project tokens will be listed on ArthSwap.

NFT is also a very important aspect to the Astar ecosystem growth. We will deploy a Launchpad for minting NFTs that can be used by any NFT project. $ARSW and $ASTR tokens will be made available for purchasing NFTs.
The projects who wish to be listed on ArthSwap NFT launchpad will provide liquidity on ArthSwap as well. The effect is NFT Staking - i.e., the ability for users holding a particular NFT to earn additional ARSW rewards by locking the NFT.

While DEX generally only allows market orders, as the price is determined by the amount of tokens in the pool, ArthSwap allows for limit orders as an advanced feature for traders.

In the expansion of any financial market, it is essential to trade derivatives instruments as well as cash transactions. This feature enables our users to create derivative products around projects listed on ASTR, ARSW, and Arthshot as underlying assets and provide them with a high-level platform to trade among themselves.
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